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The Ginerocity team brings realistic, forward-thinking, multi-platform approaches to non-profit animal rescues of all sizes. We are versatile in covering a wide variety of genres and distribution platforms. The agency is involved in working with traditional radio and television broadcast and cable networks; digital platforms and social media. What makes us different is positive social impact. We provide our clients not only with a results driven approach to their objectives but opportunities to get involved in the communities and city they serve. 



              Founder & DOS

Chief Troublemaker

              Voice Over Lord

Ginny brings more than twenty years of marketing, advertising and sales experience from various perspectives to Ginerocity. Her bulldog tenacity, sharp mind, and fun-loving personality make her the perfect fit for clients of any makeup, from the traditional to the cutting-edge. Sixteen years of regional and national sales experience, five years of client in-house advertising agency direction, and traditional agency experience give Ginny a well rounded unique perspective on developing strategic marketing plans and personnel management. She has developed and implemented strategic marketing budgets/plans for the automotive, retail, financial, technology and healthcare industries.


Dennis has a real attitude problem.  He is always always in a good mood.  Great problem to have right?  With his positive attitude and grateful heart he is forever looking for ways to serve his fellow man.

Dennis brings more that 25 years of experience to our group.  He is not only a nationally recognized voice talent but a master at finding need and coming up with the big idea on how to not only help but how to make sure the service provider receives the recognition they deserve for their act of kindness.  It is a win win for everyone invloved.

Not only is his voice pure magic but his keen skills for planning, placing and posting media are second to none.  His knowledge of ratings, digital media and ROI analyitics are key to our clients success.


Jim has literally produced, developed and/or directed hundreds of projects from commercial sound tracks and voice overs for animation, cartoons, radio, tv, telephone messaging, short films, dvd's, multimedia, phone apps, theme parks, and more. As an experienced voice actor and voice talent Jim has personally voiced projects worldwide, not to mention his credits as a writer and director on numerious broadcast spots, and other media projects. Jim has broadcast radio, TV station and business start-up credits as well.


          Creator of Opportunities

Zack is the most dangerous man in the group.  He has never met a stranger and rarely leaves a room without a new friend.  He is a free spirit who loves music, people and constant motion.  He can't sit still.  

Zack is an asset to our clients because he is a constant student of how and why people buy products today.  He helps them not only make sound marketing decisions but great business decisions as well. 


black and white terrior.jpeg

Ambassador of Buzz

Haley is an amazing public relations professional with a passion for learning and embracing new experiences. She has a talent for social media, digital media, and editorial content creation.  She is always excited to start a conversation and would love to hear from you. We have a feeling you will be fast friends


McKenna is young at heart but an old sole.  She has a knack for bringing a new perspective to our creative group.  Fresh ideas and bright colors are what she is all about. Making sure your brand gets the attention it deserves and represents you and your rescue in the most positive light.  We are always in awe of how insightful she is for a current college student. 



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